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Why this fragrance-free hand & nail cream is disrupting the UK beauty industry.

When I was approached by Shelping.com to review their hand & nail cream, I was sceptical at first. Who is Shelping? Why did they want me to try their hand & nail cream

Now, when I’m choosing my beauty products, I don’t just buy the products with the funkiest brand or packaging, I dig deeper to understand what is in the product so I know what I’m putting on my body. So when I was first approached, that’s exactly what I did. I looked at the ingredients.

What, no fragrance?

I don’t know about you, but I love the smell of my freshly moisturised skin. Those awesome coconutty notes that come from my body butter take me away to a tropical island. It’s one of the benefits of moisturiser, surely?

Wrong! Those floral scents and nutty notes can be synthetic additives added to the moisturiser to make you want to wear it! They can add zero benefits to the moisturiser at all, and can actually, often they irritate your skin. 

That’s why Shelping boasts about their hand and nail cream being fragrance-free. It’s a huge perk of the product. Plus, it means I can have silky soft, non-irritated hands, without them competing with my perfume and body spray. It’s a win-win.

How does it compare to leading brands?

I’ve always been a Vaseline hand & nail cream gal. I have a tube in my bag, on my desk at work, and in the kitchen at home. It is literally everywhere as I know the importance of properly managed hands and nails and when Shelping asked me to review their hand and nail cream, I never thought it would stand up against my beloved vaseline. 

Oh, how wrong I was! 

This product is incredible. There was no oily residue that you get with vaseline so I can apply it mid-sentence while I’m blogging and get straight back on the keys and keep typing away.  

Plus, and this is the super awesome bit, my skin looked better. My cuticles were way softer and more manageable, I had no skin trying to break free around my nails and I’m sure the skin looks younger. 

Goodbye vaseline, hello Shelping.COM’s hand & nail cream!

It took two weeks for me to be convinced enough to rid my world of Vaseline’s product I’d been an advocate of for 20 years and replace it with my new favourite hand & nail cream. I was so shocked, as were my friends and family, ESPECIALLY my husband! No one could believe that the product I’d pushed onto them in the past no longer took pride of place in my life. 

Ok, so where’s the catch?

Us Brits are cynical creatures, aren’t we? If something is too good to be true, it typically is. But not here. Not with Shelping.com’s hand & nail cream.  

Well, that’s a lie actually. The catch is its tough choosing which multi-buy deal you’re going to go for!  

The RRP on this moisturiser is £3.75 and I’d pay that, I genuinely would. But I didn’t have to. After I tested the hand and nail cream, I bought 6 tubes of it and ended up paying a crazy £1.75 per bottle because of the multi-buy deals that are unique to Shelping.COM! Wow, you really have to see it to believe it!

The bottom line

The guys at Shelping.COM have an awesome product here. They are a home, health & beauty manufacturer who have a somewhat unique Brand to Consumer business model. There is no middle man inflating the prices. That’s how they keep their prices down. The only place to buy Shelping’s products is online, directly from Shelping so you know what you’re buying is the true price for the product with zero mark-ups. And more than that, if you were unhappy with anything, they offer a full money-back guarantee. 

So, do your hands a favour, click here to buy yours.

I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. And make sure you take advantage of the multi-buy deals for amazing savings and free delivery! (Just don’t tell everyone else…I need them to still have stock when I buy my next lot!)

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