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Who is this new breed of influencer?

Influencers have been here for a while and now everyone and their Chihuahua has got in on the act. Their plastered eyebrows fake tans and genuine belief that they are the next Kardashian would be laughable if not for the sorry fact it is the truth.

Whilst all of this has been going on, the geniuses that make these here today gone tomorrow chip paper fads have now truly seen how to really influence. Only a handful have emerged so far, these are the top corporate people and merchant bank investors, the blue chip mainstays and the start-up whiz kids who are fast realising their intellect and ability to see what works for us all, is a power that in their hands can be used to truly benefit us. 

Why listen to illogical dreamers who have no real-world experience and whose only limited talent is to seemingly look attractive when the real attraction is in acquiring the understanding of what is really hip and happening. Inevitably that is what makes its way to the forefront and drives the engine of the sheep who for a small time believe they are the leaders. For every Kardashian there are, as they say in the music industry, many thousands of discarded tins of beans. Those who promised to be the next big thing but unfortunately fell foul of the ever-increasing fickle nature of the new digital era.

The music industry is a nice link here, the fame and glory stories of the many household names all began in some backwater only to find their way to stardom through the steppingstones of the music industry inteligencia. The myriad of smart execs and suppliers to the major labels is where one of these new influencers started. Today now fully trained and having successfully embraced the digital era and having also become a multi-million-pound company at the same time, these so-called genius founders have turned their attention to influencing us all for our complete betterment.

Take shelping.com; a rapidly emerging brand whose strategic strings are being cleverly played by nuanced maestros’ who care not to see themselves as one of these new influencers but only to  bring to you and me a better way of intelligently consuming.

Whether it’s the rocket man of the Tesla Corp, or Buffet & Gates, the shelping.com founders believe their acclaim is staunched in their desire to remain in the shadows and let their strategic branding and public offering intelligence, woo us and oh how it works.

Their Elvis or One Direction, is their brains. 

Having begun their career in the digital age back in the early noughties and having worked in the glamorous echelons of the music industry, developing promotions for the likes of The Spice Girls and then branching out to develop initiatives that included Victoria and David Beckham and whose management chose them not the other way around, they are now offering the likes of us mere mortals a chance to get in on the act.

Having found their way into the embracement of the Piers Morgan mantra, now a mainstay of British breakfast culture, and from his centre spread of the now illuminating Beckingham Palace piece, they have continued to harness their experience and spread their wings to begin their assault on the mainstays of British and worldwide consumerism. The once ivory towered blue-chips are now their new battle ground opponents and are fair game for this new breed of influencer whose tools are as they say discreetly on the back of their branded goods ‘The Social Enhancement’ product.

They have taken what we all buy every day, the make ups, shampoos, toothbrushes etc, and flipped them on their head. Yes of course they have created a top quality brand and offered amazingly good deals which they call ‘Multibuys’ but more importantly it’s how they have embraced this nonchalant purchase we all  make and said hey guys this can enhance your life by doing two incredibly important things. 

One putting more money in your pocket and secondly and equally as important taking the time to find out what turns us on as human beings, what makes us get up in a morning and fuelling that passion to co-exist with the day to day mundane in order to bring about real social change for us personally. 

Not a theme delivered to make us feel we could be part of something but falling away when the realisation that we have to do it all hits home, quite the contrary the shelping.com brand has tucked away in the corner of its media outlets what it calls ‘projects’. These self-effacing almost algorithm like forms are geared simply to learning from the data we willingly provide in order to help ourselves; and all of this from the purchases you make happily doing so  because you believe their brand is amazing quality and great value, but at the same time tirelessly working to enhance your life.

Once I realised what they were doing I could not believe it. All I had to do was enter my name and mobile number and then I started to see their genius. Politely sending me free text messages which only required very simple answers that took me no more than 5-10 seconds each time, they soon developed promotions on items that were much better priced than the current products I bought and because they were combined, much cheaper as well.

After a few months I have moved most of my everyday item purchases over to them, which I did so willingly. At the same time, I started to notice how they were beginning to develop my social life by offering me promos and hook ups with things that really interested me and all free.

Now months on, I can honestly say shelping.com has changed my life and all from buying my everyday products we all take for granted from them.

Don’t just take my word for it tap on the ‘See it work’ link and enter your name and mobile and watch the geniuses work after all its completely free to use, or if you prefer go straight to the heart of the matter and visit their site at shelping.com (you can subscribe to their offers in the footer of their website) Either way as they say in the music industry get in bed with these guys and see where the journey takes you as it really worked for me and many thousands of others like me. As with most things in life that really work, we all eventually hear about it from news articles and recommendations. I hope this piece has opened your eyes to the real geniuses that are now beginning to empower our lives. 

Disclaimer. This review has been supplied by a third-party who may receive commission if you purchase from Shelping.COM.

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