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The Product Beauty Experts Are Trying To Hide From You.

I don’t know about you, but I hate how going to the beautician always makes my skin look flawless, but I can never recreate that look at home. I’ve tried everything; expensive brands, well-known influencer’s routines, home-made remedies and yet my skin still looks like I’ve just splashed some water over it, there’s no Hollywood glow. 

So I started to investigate a little deeper to find out the secret to that flawless glow you’re left with post-facial and you won’t believe what I found.

They don’t use supermarket products

You know how when you’re at the hairdresser’s and they push products onto you and all around you are big brand names of Keratase, Redken, Paul Smith? You don’t get that at beauty places. All they have on their walls are pictures of happy-looking radiant women, hands, feet, backs. The products are hidden from sight in cabinets, they’re not on show. 

The reason for this may be that they aren’t using Clarins or Nivea. They could be using Shelping’s beauty and skincare range, and here’s why:

Best kept secret

One of the bewildering (at first) things about Shelping is they shout about how some of their skincare products don’t have any fragrance. That’s right, there’s no scent, zero perfume, nothing and they do this because they want to keep their products pure.  

All those fragrances you’re familiar with, they can be synthetically produced oils and scents and the reason many skincare products irritate your skin.  

That’s why beauticians can use Shelping’s skincare products; they know that their products won’t irritate your skin so it’s a safe bet. 

What do beauticians say about it?

I asked my friend, Ava, who has been a self-employed beautician for 3 years what she thought about Shelping’s skincare range and this is what she had to say:  

“For me, as a self-employed beauty therapist, while it’s so important that I trust the product I’m using on my clients, it’s just as important than the products I use are financially viable to do so, which Shelping is.”

This made me look into the prices Shelping charges across their product range and I was shocked, to say the least. 

Affordable luxury

Shelping.com is a somewhat unique Brand to Consumer business model which means that there is absolutely no middle man meaning the quality can be premium luxury whilst keeping the prices affordable.  

You can’t buy their products in the supermarket. The only place you can purchase a Shelping product is online direct from Shelping. 

What this means is that they are able to sell their British-made products to you at great prices and that’s why so many beauticians will love using Shelping for their business, and for themselves.

“I always used to use cheaper products on my clients and then the expensive stuff on myself so I always looked great to sell my services better, but now, I only have one skincare brand in my life; Shelping for myself, and for my business.”

How to get your hands on it

Shelping are kicking off some big advertising and social media campaigns so you’re sure to see their products around on your news feeds but if you can’t wait until an ad lands on your screen, just click here and you’ll find all the products that you can buy now.

Be quick though, their products are flying off the shelf!

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