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Reviewing the Jelly Comb mouse & keyboard combo

Working in the digital field my job is portable and has frequently seen me on early morning flights to edinburgh, 5 hours train journey to Newcastle, moving between multiple offices, working a day from home, I’m constantly on the move. 

Lugging around a wireless mouse and keyboard (I hate laptop keyboards!) as well as a laptop, multiple cables for all the different connections you need (why doesn’t everyone just use clickshare?!) is just a pain in the rear. And it’s all so heavy too. 

So, fed up, I went in search of a new full size yet slimline keyboard and mouse combo (only wanted to have one USB in my latop) and came across the Jelly Comb mouse & keyboard set and I am in love! 

Full size but oh so small

This keyboard certainly lives up to my expections in terms of how sleek it is. It fits perfectly in my bag when I’m off to meetings all over the place and it’s nice and natrual to type on it. 

I love how it’s like I’m typing on the desk rather than bending my wrists up like you do with normal keyboards. Plus, the height of the keys really lends itself to typing quickly and easily. 

I frequently get colleagues commenting on the slender profile of this keyboard and many of them really don’t like using it. They say it’s too difficult to get used to and they don’t find it comfortable, however I think that’s because they’re just conditioned to accepting the strained position our wrists take when typing with a regular keyboard.

Great for those with carpal tunnel

One of the issues I have, thanks to pregnancy, is carpal tunnel and I know I’m not alone out there. The Facebook group I’m on has tons of other women who now suffer with this condition and they need special wrist supports which elevate their wrists up to the level of the keys so their wrists are straight on, rather than at an angle and therefore reducing the impact of carpal tunnel when they type. 

Well, this keyboard takes the need for those sticky and uncomfortable wrist pads away. It has quite literally revolutionised how I work. Pain free, zero pins and needles. It’s simply perfect. 

One dongle, two devices

USB slots on computers are in high demand and by the time you’ve got a wireless keyboard and mouse that sometimes doesn’t leave a free port which means you end up using extenders and that means wires to get tangled, it’s just a mess. 

But with this kit, it’s 2-for-the-room-of-1! That means those precious USB slots are reserved for the other bits you need to connect. 

The mighty mouse

When Jelly Comb designed their mouse, they really thought about the user design and experience. You’ve got your typical right and left click buttons, but you’ve also got a scrollable mouse wheel, which you can click with too and a fourth button which allows you to change the DPI settings there and then. No need to open up your preferences and mess around with selecting different sensitivities. With this mouse, you simply have to click a button! 

The bottom line

I love every single thing about this set. From the rechargable keyboard that last AGES (I think I’m on month 4, using it 8 hours a day and I’ve still not had to recharge it yet!) to the slim line profile, how the keys feel beneth my fingers and how light it is, it 100% gets my vote of approval. 

I would highly recommend you check it out. I bought mine from Amazon and they’ve got 5% off right now! 

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