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Jelly Comb Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad

I’ve recently swapped in my MacBook Air for an iMac and iPad Pro, but really missed the ability to type on a proper keyboard so I looked around for an all in one case that would protect the iPad Pro and also give me a keyboard so I could take my office with me anywhere. The official Apple varieties of the smart-folio with keyboard would set you back around £119 so, because let’s face it, money doesn’t grow on trees, I looked for a cheaper version. 

Enter the Jelly Comb Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad at £26.94 with Prime, next day delivery. 

I was really excited when it turned up and couldn’t wait to get it going. I’ve used Jelly Comb products before so I had already decided I was going to love this. 

But what a let down it was. 

The case itself felt cheap and plastic but it does come with a pencil holder which is an awesome benefit. The closing on the case is apparently magnetic but it was very weak and I actually found it difficult to get it to stay shut. 

The real killer for me though, was the ‘removable keyboard’ is actually entirely, 100% free. It doesn’t actually attach onto anything, and when you hold the iPad upright, it even slides out of the case. If I’m on a train, travelling for work or whatever, the last thing I want is for the keyboard to drop out and not notice. What you end up with when trying to use it is a big bulky case, and a seperate keyboard and that makes using the iPad Pro just clunky and difficult. 

So, big thumbs down from me and it’s in the process of being returned. Shame really, but I guess it has taught me one very important thing; Apple is expensive, but it just works. So, spend the money and don’t waste time on the cheaper versions, it’s just not worth it! 


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