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Wagg Dog Treats

They’re cheap, but are they any good? When I was preparing to bring my first puppy home, I came across Wagg. At £1 a pouch and beautiful, cute packaging, they were hard to resist. They come in a tonne of different flavours and have different purposes such as training, low fat and skin and coat. …

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Worlds Best Cat Litter

Anyone who has indoor cats or any cat in fact that uses a litter box knows the trials and tribulations of finding the perfect litter to use. Does the perfect cat litter even exist? To be honest, I don’t think so but World’s Best Cat Litter comes really close! This cat litter is not cheap, …

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BooHoo Facemasks

BooHoo Black Mixed Print Fashion Facemasks Avoid, avoid, avoid.  These facemasks are small, single layed cotton that would probably fit my 3 year old better than they do me. The quality is cheap too and two of the masks turned up with loose threads. Not very confidence filling!  I bought these facemasks at the very …

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Why Guys All Over The UK Are Swapping Their Deodorant For This New Brand!

This whole lockdown has me bored. I just can’t binge-watch another series on Netflix, especially after stooping low enough to watch Tiger King!  So, I hit the web and looked for things I could do while furloughed from work and came across this company looking for product testers.  I’d never heard of them but thought …

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