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With more of us shopping online, how do we make the most of special offers?

This quick 5 step guide explains what you need to know.

Click the ‘Step 1’ button to get started.

Tap the ‘Step 1’ button to get started.


Special offers on one-off purchases are great – but what you really want is special offers you can use on products you buy all the time.

Supermarkets have selected special offers – but these are offers that don’t last forever and certainly don’t apply to all the products you want to buy.

I go round looking at online retailers and I’ve found Shelping.COM. Now this is a brand selling directly to its customers. They have a range of just over 20 premium quality products that are virtually all used in my house by someone – body sprays, roll-ons, toothbrushes, hand cream etc. All products regularly used and regularly purchased by me.

They run special offers on all products all the time. There is always a multibuy available for a product if I want it – but they go one better than this with personalised special offers explained in Step 2.

STEP 2 - Don’t settle for random special offers – Get personalised special offers INSTEAD

There was no way I thought this kind of offer would exist, especially for products I buy regularly, but it does. It was because I found it that I wrote this special offer guide.

I signed up to receive Shelping.COM special offers. I selected the products from the Shelping.COM range that were used in my household already – razors, body spray, toothbrushes, micellar water, etc.

Then I selected what I was interested in buying right now and I got sent a special offer for those exact products.

It’s amazing – I can now build my own multibuy special offer for exactly what I want when I want!

STEP 3 - Use special offers to get the best quality products at prices you are happy to pay

If used correctly, you can buy better quality products because of the special offers you use.

A good example I use when explaining about regularly used, quality products is body spray for men.

From going bargain basement (and smelling bargain basement!) to spending a small fortune in the hope that the deodorant smells like the aftershave it says it is, you can spend almost anything on body spray. This applies to many products regularly bought, however, if you’re savvy, there is middle ground that you can find where you can get the premium, luxury products but not at premium prices.

That’s why I really like Sheping.COM – you’re buying premium quality products direct from the brand so instantly saving money there. Taking the body spray – it genuinely smells as good as aftershave – it’s fantastic! The other products won’t disappoint either. And by using the personalised special offers to create your own multibuys you’re winning all round!

STEP 4 – If the offer is right - Try something new

We know you’ve shopped around before and you buy what you buy because you like it. But remember you have to try something for a first time to decide if you like it or not. Think of Mr Heinz when he created his first recipe for ketchup. No one had tried it. No one knew if they liked it. People gave it a go and look at it now!

I apply that principal to online shopping. If you find a brand that is offering high quality products at prices you’re happy to pay where you are getting all the benefits that we’ve spoken about already, but it’s a brand you’ve not heard of before – I say go for it! Always look for reviews of course – they can be great indicators – but go for it and try something new!

Everything has to start somewhere, and you might just find your next favourite thing!

STEP 5 - Signup to Shelping.COM right now

My recommendation is simple. I love online shopping and love the feeling of a good offer. I have found no better than a special offer on the exact products I’m always buying that is always available – and the only place I’ve found that is Shelping.COM.

By choosing to receive the Shelping.COM special offers you can create your own special offer for exactly what you want to buy. It’s free & only takes 30 seconds so give it a try right now. If you don’t like it – no harm done. I think you’ll love it though!

Click on the ‘Go to Shelping.COM’ button below and signup right now.